5 Life-Changing Benefits You Will Experience With The Double-Headed Pixiu Protection Bracelet
  • PROTECT YOUR WEALTH  The two-headed Dragon protects and keeps your money safe. They will bring good fortune and guard it with their combined energy.
  • OVERALL PROTECTION IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE- The sacred mantras written on the beads are for protecting you when traveling, it also brings you happiness and long life, and it attracts earth luck.
  • PSYCHIC PROTECTION- The Black Obsidian beads cleanse the psychic smog in your aura, acting as a strong spiritual protection stone so no hostile or harmful entities will come near you. The Dragon's color changes when it detects a negative force near you.
  • POWERFUL SHIELD FOR YOUR MENTAL HEALTH- Protects your mind, and acts as a shield so negative forces cannot influence you to have ill thoughts about your present life or to have thoughts of (ie. ungratefulness, self-pity, and hating your life overall)
  • HEALS SICKNESS AND OVERALL PROBLEMS – this bracelet helps neutralize difficulties, sickness, and adversities caused by negativity. Preventing a negative or painful event to occur in your life. It also helps to fulfill your grandest desires.

The Double-Headed Pixiu Protection Bracelet retails for $69.99 and we're giving this exclusive bracelet away to our readers-only giveaway this August.

PLUS receive a free Digital Book Satisfaction 101 - helping you practice satisfaction in every area of life; and erase all thoughts of discontent.

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The Double-Headed Pixiu Dragon is the most powerful kind of Pixiu there is...
In East Asia, Pixiu is considered a powerful creature of wealth and prosperity. 

And no I'm not just talking about "material wealth"

When you wear a Pixiu bracelet, it is believed to attract earth luck, you'll notice your emails get flooded with opportunities or job offers, someone offers to pay for your meal in a restaurant, and you get a parking spot right away like it was reserved for you, you may get an unexpected raise, or you receive a surprising gift on your doorstep from someone you haven't seen for so long.

The Double Pixiu's power does not mince words, especially the protection it offers...

 This will be your lifetime ally, and I will explain why in just a moment...

But first, let me tell you some background about these powerful creatures

They are believed to hunt for treasures and bring them to their owner or the wearer. Thus, Pixiu is commonly used to improve and protect wealth. To avoid money loss.

A pair of Pixiu Dragons doubles that effect.
This retails for $69.99 and we're giving them away.
Just help us out with shipping. Hurry! While stocks last...

• Lightweight
• Adjustable rope chain

Buddhist rituals engraved on every single bead, a chant that attracts wealth, protection and splendid health.

All orders are processed within 3 business days and arrived within 4-6 weeks

60 day Money Back Guarantee
• 100% Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee
• 100% Secure Ordering
• Small shipping and handling fee
• Exclusive product for readers, not available in stores.
“was always irritable with everyone, and it seems like I kept attracting negative things in my life. There was one point I even lost my job because of some misunderstanding. There was a time that I got robbed in the subway. 
But when I came across this Double-headed Dragon, everything changed. My life seems to be less troubled than the previous ones before I had this bracelet in my possession. I was attracting jobs and not losing them. I was gaining friends and opportunities."

Andrew S. Photographer, New York
“At first, I was hesitant because I don't believe in such bad luck until it happened to me. I had a car accident last year in August 2021, the road was too dark and there was someone crossing the street - it was a deserted area that my GPS suggested we take as it was the easier route, with no traffic! Thank God I survived and only had a minor whiplash. My Aunt who frequently travels to Asia gave me this color-changing Double-Headed Dragon. 

My health became better and I 100% believe that I got lucky ever since I started wearing this. It feels like the Universe is in my favor.
I found a lost wallet with $200 inside, which I posted online. I met the owner and after that, everything became so easy! It's as if I can get anything I want just by thinking of it.
Antoine, Lawyer, Michigan
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